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Dysfashional Paris/Berlin. mehr

30 Oktober 2009 // Filed under Ausstellung

DYSFASHIONAL does not define fashion but tackles the seemingly frivolous yet vital realm of fashion by examining the approach of designers and artists from various backgrounds and invites us on a striking journey, bringing us closer to a world in which the protagonists are not the objects but the creative process itself.

DYS- indicates a disturbance, a discord within the system. The idea at the outset is to verify the dysfunctional dimension of fashion, that is to say, the elements that resist and clash with a “literal” definition of this world, as a simple collection of garments and accessories, as a production system for commercial objects, images and products to do with identity.

Auszug aus der pressrelease via Dysfashional Paris/Berlin (FILEP MOTWARY ).

2009-10-30  ::  mahret