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Den Zukünftigen Geschmack beibringen

24 Mai 2012 // Filed under Allgemein

The demo for this ad isn’t the Rothschilds or the 1%: they don’t buy based on ads. And they don’t need to be told what constitutes quality or authenticity, they can tell, that’s what boarding school was for. Everyone else is going to need to be hit over the head with the semiotics of quality–i.e. see an ad campaign about those signifiers. Oh, I get it now, this is a fancy watch.

The target demo is not the 1%; the target demo is the Aspirational 14%. They know they are supposed to like quality and goodness and etiquette and discretion, but no one ever taught them what those things look like, so when someone does point it out to them they will go all in. Hence: anything in Trading Up. And they don’t care about the next generation. Not really. They don’t want them to be eaten by zombies but anything past 2069 is of no consequence. What they do care about is how a product brands them, what it says about them now, now that time is running out. Can’t afford to be subtle, which is the same thing as saying I’m willing to pay $10000 to get the message across. There’s a difference between what the brand is and what the brand says about you. You’ll pay 10x for the former and 100x for the latter

The Last Psychiatrist schreibt über die Werbestrategien der Luxusmarke Patek Philippe (und der meisten anderen) in “Luxury Branding The Future Leaders Of The World”

2012-05-24  ::  mary