Lecture by Mahret Ifeoma Kupka: ‘Life doesn’t frighten us anymore. Decolonizing the Museum’

In 2020, Mahret Ifeoma Kupka curated the exhibition ‘Life doesn’t frighten me – Michelle Elie wears Comme des Garçons’ at the Museum Angewandte Kunst in Frankfurt, Germany. Against the backdrop of the worldwide Black Lives Matter protests the exhibition focussing on a Black fashion collector, style icon and Japanese label Comme des Garçons enthusiast turned out to be a political show on questions of representation and diversity not only in museum spaces. In her lecture Mahret Ifeoma Kupka will talk about the exhibitions background and theoretical context, gaps in knowledge about racism and colonialism in Germany, but also about caring and self-love as activism and why institutions in Germany in particular have a lot of work to catch up on.

The Oxford Research Center in the Humanities
Tuesday 27th April, 2021

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